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Updated on March 29, 2020 @ 1:05 AM EST

Welcome to LotsaGraphic Creations


Everything is available for instant download after a successful payment is made.
When you click on any main page for a specific craft printable the menus for that category
will be on the right side on computer and if you’re on a mobile device the menu will be at the bottom of the pages.

Most of the printables are made in themes like camping, fishing, ice skating, repairmen, gardening and so much more. There are also printables of occupations, school, holidays, birthdays, party, showers and so much more.

Lots of fun collections to select from!

All my finished printable creations are for you to print, cut out, and assemble yourself. You receive a 300 dpi in a PDF file for excellent printing.   Everything will print out crisp and clear.  There are no watermarks on the PDF files.

I draw and design all the clipart including backgrounds used on the crafts.

If you’re looking for something in particular just type it in the SEARCH bar (e.g. hunting, bowling, racing, ballerina, etc.)

All crafts are for Personal Use only (small mom & pop shops/crafts shows are OK).  You can read the Terms Of Use before you purchase anything.  

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Lots of Craft Poems, Printables and Paper Dolls in
a wide variety of themes, holidays, hobbies etc.

164 Craft Poems in the club
Join the Craft Poems Club and have unlimited access
for a 6 month membership of $14.95
That is less than 10 cents per poem!

Craft Poems Club for printables you create.
You can use the same craft poem on different printables that you make.
You can make any printables like bag toppers, tea bag packets,
cocoa/cider/soup packets and more! 


   Bag Toppers are perfect for stocking stuffers or a quick gift for parties or gag gifts.
They can even be used as little holiday treats for a friend,
or even make a bag topper up with dog or bird treats for a favorite pet. 

The Poop Bag Toppers are always a hit as a little gag gift to make someone smile. 

NEW CRAFT POEMS are on the bag toppers. 

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Cupcake Wrappers are meant to be wrapped around
baked cupcakes in their bake cup liners.

Add a festive touch to plain cupcakes and are
great for a variety of occasions or themes.

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Cocoa/Cider/Soup Envelopes make great additions to gift baskets,
stocking stuffers, gift baskets or for small gifts throughout the year.

NEW CRAFT POEMS are on some of the cocoa/cider/soup envelopes.

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Gift/Hang Tags for Birthday, Canning, Dehydrating and many more.
There is a gift/hang tag for almost any occasion or hobby.

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Printable Crafts Survival Kits are great little gag gifts
to give that special someone a little giggle.
Each kit has 7 different list items on that you
can fill a zippered bag with each of those items.
Then zip it shut and staple it to the bag topper which is also in the PDF file.

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Tea Bag Envelopes make great additions to gift baskets,
stocking stuffers or for small gifts throughout the year.
They can also be used to little gifts for parties etc.
Regular tea bags will fit in these envelopes.

NEW CRAFT POEMS are on the tea bag envelopes.

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