About Me


My name is Deb and I am the owner, designer, craft poet for my website LotsaGraphicCreations.com.

I love to draw and have since I was a little girl.  Of course back then there were no computers let alone drawing programs.  Years ago I had a clipart website but was so busy with other hobbies and things in my life that I stopped drawing.  I always did miss passing the time away by drawing and designing.

I came across all my old clipart and a few years ago I found a great program that I have more control over shapes, etc so I went through each and every one of my cliparts and improved them.  I even have so many new ones that I added to my collection.  

I draw and design all the clipart, backgrounds and patterns and use them in several things I design including using those for the clothing for the paper dolls, which I recently started making and designing their clothes, which is one of my favorites to do.

Now I am doing craft poems, it seems everyone that does printables all use the same poems.  So that is what got me started trying to do poems, it took me a while and I get ideas from things I see around me or looking at my clipart and thinking “how can I make a poem to go with this?”  Some poems have little funny short stories and those are really fun to make.  Some days I can’t think of any rhymes for poems and other days it flows, LOL.

Many years ago I had my own craft business and did really well with it.  I have always loved creating and designing my own crafts and things. so this venture will fulfill my love for creating and designing.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope you enjoy the site.