Bear Paper Doll Camping Set

Bear Paper Doll Camping Set


Slideshow below is everything you will receive when you purchase this Bear Paper Doll Camping Set

Kids will have hours of fun playing out a camping themed scene using the paper dolls and the add ons.
Make a tent area with a campfire and woodpile, place some lawn chairs around the campfire, and much more for the imagination on pretend play.  

Your kids will have hours of fun with their new little play friends!
They can even give them names!!

The number of items per page varies, it depends on how many I can get on.

This Bear Paper Doll Set consists of:
3 Bear Paper Doll Bodies 
4 different camping clothes (2 girl and 2 boy outfits)
1 Campfire Cookpot
1 Red Tent
2 Woodpiles (same)
1 Campfire
1 Trail Post
1 Blue Tent
1 Woodpile with Axe
1 Trees with Squirrel
3 different colors of Lawn Chairs
1 Grass

Bears Paper Doll Information
For best results print bodies and add ons on heavy cardstock paper, the clothes can be printed on regular paper.
ALL the bear paper doll clothes will fit ALL the bears bodies.

If you want bears with glasses or bows on head you can purchase them separate.  The bears pictured in slideshow comes with all the sets.

NOTE: Some of the clothing will have an arm/hand etc and not any on the other side, this is because they will be holding something.  When you place the clothing on the paper doll the missing arm/hand will be used from the arm/hand of the paper doll. 

Bear Size
Adults approx. 5 1/4″ h 

Printing Information
You receive SEVEN 300 dpi PDF files for excellent printing  in a ZIP file. 
There are no watermarks on the PDF files.

Print and use as many as you want.  If there are multiple add ons that are the same you can keep the extra ones in case you need it later if it tears or wears out.  If you want you can print and/or save the extra bodies for a later time once one wears out or you can make twins or triplets.


Bear Paper Dolls Camping Set
Bear Paper Dolls Camping Set
Pretend play a camping scene with this set for hours of fun


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