Bear Paper Doll Fairy/Gnome/Troll Set


Bear Paper Doll Fairy/Gnome/Troll Set



Slideshow below of what you will receive when you purchase this Bear Paper Doll Fairy/Gnome/Troll Set


The bears want to play with the gnomes so they dress up as fairies.  The trolls hide behind trees watching the fairies play and the gnomes chop wood.  Trolls and Fairies/Gnomes normally don’t get along so the Trolls hide but keep a constant eye on them. Make up your own little scene and story with these cute and adorable bear fairies, gnomes and trolls and add ons.

Your kids will have hours of fun with their new little play friends!
They can even give them names!!

The number of items per page varies, it depends on how many I can get on.

This Bear Paper Doll Set consists of:
3 Bear Paper Doll Bodies 
3 different fairy clothes 
4 gnome paper dolls (dressed)
3 troll paper dolls (dressed)
2 woodpiles add ons
1 woodpile with axe add on
3 mushrooms add ons
1 trees add on
1 fairy house add on
1 gnome house add on
1 grass add on

Bears Paper Doll Information
For best results print bodies and add ons on heavy cardstock paper, the clothes can be printed on regular paper.

Bear Size
Adults approx. 5 1/4″ h 

Gnomes & Trolls Size approx 3 1/2″ 

You receive SEVEN 300 dpi PDF files for excellent printing  in a ZIP file. 
There are no watermarks on the PDF files.

Print as many as you want.


Bear Paper Dolls Fairy/Gnome/Troll Set
Bear Paper Dolls Fairy/Gnome/Troll Set
Pretend play a fairy/gnome/troll scene with this set for hours of fun



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