Bear Paper Dolls Main Info Page


Bear Paper Dolls Main Info Page


Bear Paper Dolls are the easiest for the younger children.  I make the paper doll clothing as one piece, with shoes/sneakers/boots etc attached. The only separate accessories are the hats. This makes it especially easier for younger children.

Paper Dolls are an amazing tool for pretend play, but also for learning and paper dolls help develop fine motor skills and color coordination in younger children. Paper dolls aren’t just for girls – boys would enjoy playing too!

Paper dolls are great for imaginative play, and a never ending list of storytelling. Kids will have so much fun pretending and playing out a theme. Most of the clothing come in themes like fishing, camping, construction workers, repairmen, doctor/surgeon/nurse, etc., too many to list.

They can even give them names!!

You can also print onto magnetic sheets and use them on a baking tray, which is great for using on car trips, or you can play with the dolls on the refrigerator.

You can also do other things with these printable paper dolls. You can use them for craft projects, just cut off the clothing tabs and the paper doll stand, then glue the clothes onto the paper dolls and place them onto birthday cards or anything you can imagine.

Have fun with these adorable paper dolls, you don’t have to be a child to enjoy them! Your kids will have hours of fun with their new little play friends!

Bear Paper Doll Information

For best results print bodies on heavy cardstock paper, the clothes can be printed on regular paper.

You receive a 300 dpi in a PDF file for excellent printing. Some items will be in a ZIP file. Everything will print out crisp and clear. There are no watermarks on the PDF files.

Print as many as you want.

Bear Sizes
Adults approx. 5 1/4″ h (counting stand)

Babies approx. 2″ h – does not have a stand – you can use removable double-sided tape on the back, these are made to be held by a bigger bear &/or placed in the strollers etc

NOTE: Some of the clothing will have an arm/hand etc and not any on the other side,this is because they will be holding something.  When you place the clothing on the paper doll the missing arm/hand will be used from the arm/hand of the paper doll.




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