Hummingbirds Tea Bag Envelopes


Hummingbirds Tea Bag Envelopes



Hummingbirds Tea Bag Envelopes make great additions to give to someone who loves hummingbirds and hot tea. They can also be used for little gifts for parties, the office, etc. or you can even place some in a package that you send to someone special.

Place a special blend, flavored tea bag or just regular tea in the envelopes.

The craft poem on the tea bag envelopes stay there, they may not be copied, used or given away, they are copyrighted. 

Measures approx. 2 1/2″ w x 3″ h when folded
Prints 2 per 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock paper

Cut out, fold and you can use transparent tape to form an envelope.
Regular sized tea bags (special blend, flavored tea or regular tea) will fit in these envelopes.

For best results print on heavy cardstock paper
300 dpi JPG’s put in a PDF and then put in a ZIP file
Everything will print out crisp and clear
There are no watermarks on the files

Print as many as you want

Price $3.00


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