Clipart/Digi Stamp FAQ


Clipart/Digi Stamp FAQ’s


What’s the difference between Clipart and Digi Stamps?
Clipart is full color and ready to insert the image right into your project.
Digi Stamps are black & white outlines and need to be colored and inserted into your project. Digi Stamps are also great for making coloring pages.

They are both saved as a 300dpi PNG which has a transparent background and can be resized, flipped, merged etc. with other images.


Can I use your clipart/digi stamps PNG files for digitized embroidery?
Yes, just give me credit for you using my image(s)


Why do you only make the clipart/digi stamps in 300 dpi PNG format?
I do that because of the transparent backgrounds with PNG’s and can be merged with other images
JPG’s always have a white background and can only be used mainly for printing and cannot be merged with other images.


What is the purpose of also having the QR Code for each clipart/digi stamp?
The paid member, once logged in can have up to 5 people scan the image QR codes from their phone(s). 
This is great if you’re in a group or have a few people that helps to make and sell various printable craft items. 
Or if you want to have a few people help make up small gift items like treat bags etc. for various charities, hospital workers, family reunions and so much more.


If you have any other questions please contact me