Clipart & Digi Stamps


Clipart & Digi Stamps



Clipart/Digital Stamps (Digi Stamps) are great for making homemade tangible and/or digitally printable cards or crafts using any of my clipart/digi stamps for the purpose of selling or gift giving.  

Merge, resize, flip, etc. with other images you want for your project.

For all my Clipart/Digi Stamps you can also digitize for embroidery, cutter, etc. and sell.

The full color clipart/digi stamps are ready to use with no coloring needed.  They’re great if you’re in a hurry to make a printable gift and don’t have time to color.

The black & white digi stamps can be colored and added to your project for a more personal touch to your projects.  You can also make coloring pages for the kids.

High resolution 300dpi PNG files (PNG has transparent background) put in a ZIP file.

With each purchase you will receive a black & white AND a full color clipart/digi stamp images and they do not have the drop shadows as shown in the samples.

What you see in the samples is what you will get in the sets.

Rules & Terms Of Use are at bottom of this page.


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Rules & Terms Of Use

When you purchase clipart/digi stamps with that purchase is the license that gives you, and only you, permission to make and sell finished tangible or digital items that you create. 

All Clipart/Digi Stamps can be used commercially and sold at Mom & Pop stores, Gift Shops,
Craft Fairs and Online as long as they are made as a complete project. 

You have unlimited use of the digital stamp.  You can use the same digi stamp on various craft projects, whether it be in a tangible or digital item, but it must be used in something of your own design.  

Please give credit for any of my clipart/digi stamp image(s) that you use in your digital printable or tangible projects on your website, ETSY or wherever you sell. 
Something like – Artwork © is sufficient.


You may not claim the clipart/digital stamp image(s) as your own.

No mass producing.

You may not redistribute, transfer, share or lend any of the clipart/digital stamp files. File sharing is strictly prohibited.

You cannot resell any clipart/digital stamp, they must be put in something you create yourself to sell.


You should never assume it’s OK to use any of my products in a certain way, just because something is not listed doesn’t mean it’s OK to do.  If you are unsure of anything please contact me 

I reserve the right to make any changes on these Terms Of Use &/or Rules at an given time.