Pancake Breakfast 4 Pc Clipart Set


Pancake Breakfast 4 Pc. Clipart Set



These Pancake Breakfast 4 Pc. Clipart Set are great for creating and making fundraiser posters for fire companies, schools, churches etc.  If you have a Pancake Breakfast a few times a year these are great because you can add new date, time, price, etc. on the poster that you make (see sample picture below). 

The set includes pancakes, maple syrup bottle, all you can eat words and Pancake Breakfast words.  They can easily be merged, resized, flipped, rotated and overlapped.  They all have a transparent background so you can overlap them with other png images.  NOTE:  It’s not recommended to flip the clipart with words since they will be backwards.

All are high resolution 300 dpi PNG files (transparent backgrounds).  

The size for pancakes is 2679 x 2428 px
The size for Pancake Breakfast word is 2421 x 427 px
The size for All you can eat word is 2441 x 597 px
The size for maple syrup bottle is 2102 x 3027 px

Please read the Digi Stamp & Clipart Terms Of Use & Angel Policy before purchasing.

FOUR separate 300 dpi PNG’s in one zip file
Everything will print out crisp and clear
There are no watermarks on the files

Price $2.00




Sample of how you can make a Pancake Breakfast Poster for fundraisers etc.


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