Commercial Use License


Commercial Use License

Q.  Do I need to purchase this Commercial Use License to use for my Small Business?
A.  YES, anything you purchase for resale or selling finished items you NEED to purchase this LotsaGraphic Creations Commercial Use License.


If you want to sell any LotsaGraphic Creations finished craft items, finished printable items like bag toppers, cocoa envelopes etc. at craft shows/local mom & pop stores etc. OR if you want to sell the pdf/zip files on your website you MUST purchase a commercial use license.

You MUST purchase the PDF or ZIP files separately, they are not included in this license.

NOTICE:  Paper Dolls are NOT included in this Commercial License!

LotsaGraphic Creations Commercial Use License is $39.99 ANNUALLY
NOTE:  I don’t like automatic renewals so I don’t offer it to my customers, about a month before your annual term is about to end I’ll send you an email if you want to renew.

By purchasing this Commercial Use License you are bound to the terms described below.

Commercial Use description:
1).  Using any of LotsaGraphic Creations digital products of PDF or ZIP Files to resell on your website.  You must resell them how you receive them when you purchased and downloaded that PDF or ZIP File.  No discounts are given to the files but you can set your own prices.

2).  Using my digital products that you purchased/downloaded from my website to make into a finished physical form for commercial purposes. 

Example:  You can print and make up the crafts as a finished product.  A finished product means like for the bag toppers, you can print, cut, and put treats in zippered bags and place the bag toppers on and sell them that way.  

3).  Using my crafts printable instructions to make physical finished products.

Example:  You can make and sell physical products like the Cry Baby Dolls, Fashion Doll items etc.

You may NOT:
1).  You may NOT transfer, share or give away any PDF or ZIP files.

2).  You may NOT claim them as your own, alter, add to or modify them in any way.

3).  You may NOT copy or sell any of my craft poems by selling the poem separately or placing them on any of your items you create.  Whatever item they are on they STAY THERE!!  


LotsaGraphic Creations Commercial Use License
LotsaGraphic Creations Commercial Use License
Purchase this Commercial Use License to resell or sell any of the PDF or ZIP Files or finished products on my website.



You should never assume it’s OK to use any of my products in a certain way, just because something is not listed doesn’t mean it’s OK to do.  If you are unsure of anything please contact me 

I reserve the right to make any changes on these Terms Of Use &/or Rules at an given time.

Failure to abide by this agreement of the Commercial Use License will immediately void the license and no refunds will be given.

Due to the nature of the products NO REFUNDS will be given on the Commercial Use License or any digital PDF’s or ZIP Files.