Q.  When does copyright infringement occur?
A.  Copyright infringement occurs when copyrighted material is stolen, distributed, reproduced etc. in an unauthorized manner without my (I’m the copyright owner) permission.

Q.  What happens when I find any of my copyrighted material being sold illegally on the internet?
A.  That is considered copyright infringement and I will contact you directly from your contact off your website to remove the specified item(s) immediately and attaching the link URL and an attached screenshot of the item(s) you are to remove and I will specify in the email that you have 24 hours to do so.  If you do not abide by this direct negotiation to remove it the next step will be that I contact a copyright lawyer for copyright infringement.  So think before you STEAL, it could cost you big time!  

Q.  What are the Copyright Laws for using a poem?
A.   Poems are copyright protected just like books, images or other intellectual property.  Whether it’s intended or not, infringement of copyright for a collection of poems or a single poem can bring you civil court action.

Q.  Does every poem I write have to be copyrighted?
A.  Poems are automatically copyright protected the moment they are written in a tangible form, which means writing them down on paper, saving them on a computer or in any word processing program. 



Don’t look for Loopholes
You cannot make productive use of someone’s intellectual property for your own personal or commercial use and look for a technicality or any other specific reason.


All images and craft poems on this site are protected by copyright which are owned by Deb Rice/

You may NOT modify any craft poems, or any portion thereof, for any other purpose as this constitutes copyright infringement of Deb Rice/