Craft Poems Use Rules & Regulations


Craft Poems Use Rules & Regulations


There are 164 of my craft poems that you can use to make your own printables

By purchasing a Craft Poem is the License To Use that specific poem.  You will receive a .txt file with the Poem and License To Use for that specific poem.


Craft Poems Use Rules & Regulations

Rules are pretty simple.  But if you are caught selling any craft poems you steal and put on any printable from this site without purchasing you could be taken to court.  Is it really worth it?

Poems are not to be sold AS IS, they MUST be put on something you create as a printable.  

You can use the same craft poem on different printables that you make.


1. You MUST specify on your website or wherever you sell using my craft poems that they are NOT to be copied because of copyright protection.

2. You MUST keep the copyright notice info (e.g. © 2019 Deb Rice ) attached to ALL craft poems you use to put in any of your craft related printable products.

3. You MUST use the craft poems to put on printable crafts that YOU make and sell (e.g. bag toppers, cocoa packets etc.) and using your own or someone else’s images or clipart. MAKE SURE YOU ABIDE BY ALL COPYRIGHT LAWS OF ANY IMAGES, POEMS ETC.


1. You MAY NOT use any of my craft poems OR on any printable that you make as “Freebies”, put them in any subscription, blog or membership club, add them to any CD or offer them in any Reseller offer.

2. You MAY NOT sell any of my copyrighted craft poems AS IS, they MUST be put on a printable that you make.

3. You may NOT use any of my rhyming sentences in any other poems that you or anyone else would create, how I have them written is how you will use them in their entirety.

4. You may NOT make any printable using any of my craft poems to make it as an editable file, not even an editable file for personalizing or adding their own text.

5. You may NOT modify any poems, or any portion thereof, for any other purpose as this constitutes copyright infringement of Deb Rice/

6.  Absolutely NO mass production

7.  You may NOT transfer or give away your craft poem purchase License To Use.  


You should never assume it’s OK to use any of my products in a certain way, just because something is not listed doesn’t mean it’s OK to do. If you are unsure of anything please contact me.

The Craft Poems are not for any publishers or manufacturers….period!

Use of the poems beyond what is authorized may require the permission of the copyright owner, who is the publisher or the author. It is your obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions when duplicating or otherwise distributing the poems beyond the parameters of Poetry 180 or relevant statutory exemptions.

I reserve the right to make any changes on these at an given time. Rules & Regulations may be updated and/or changed without notice.