School 7 Pc Digi Stamp Set


School 7 Pc. Digi Stamp Set



These school digi stamps are great for creating and making tangible craft printables.  Great for teachers, school announcements or anything school related.

The set includes a school backpack, school scissors, paste, school desk, crayon, crayons in a box and a school lunchbox.  They can easily be merged, resized, flipped, rotated and overlapped.  They all have a transparent background so you can overlap them with other png images.

All are high resolution 300 dpi PNG files (transparent backgrounds).  

The size for school scissors is 2359 x 1408 px
The size for crayon is 448 x 3037 px
The size for school lunchbox is 2330 x 2194 px
The size for school desk is 2241 x 1801 px
The size for crayons in box is 2170 x 2964 px
The size for school backpack is 2293 x 2489 px
The size for paste is 2022 x 2965 px

Please read the Digi Stamp & Clipart Terms Of Use & Angel Policy before purchasing.

SEVEN separate 300 dpi PNG’s in one zip file
Everything will print out crisp and clear
There are no watermarks on the files

Price $1.50




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