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Digital Stamp Information & FAQ

Digital Stamps (Digi Stamps) are great for making homemade tangible and/or digitally printable cards or crafts, you can also use digi stamps for scrapbooking, coloring pages (black & white digi stamps), clip art projects (full color digi stamps) and many more uses.  

All the digi stamps/clipart are mouse drawn by me using a drawing program that I love.
Once you purchase the PNG singles and/or sets you are able to download them immediately after purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your purchase(s).


What is a Digital Stamp (digi stamp)?
Digi stamps are mostly black and white images that you download onto your computer where you can use them to create crafts like handmade or digitally made cards, candy wrappers, cupcake toppers, stickers, announcements & invitations, scrapbooks or any craft item you want to make.  They can be colored and you can also add embellishments.

Are Digi Stamps and Clipart the same thing?

Most digi stamps are black and white and need to be printed and colored or digitally colored and printed.  I also make some full color digi stamps which are great if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to color them.  The full color digi stamps/clipart are Ready To Go images.  They are both saved as high resolution 300dpi PNG files with a transparent background so you can merge, resize etc. with other images you want for your project.


What do I need to use the Black & White Digi Stamps?
You will need a computer and a printer.   To color them once you print them you can use colored pencils, crayons, pens, paints etc.

You can also use any software that imports the PNG files like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Microsoft Paint or whatever program you use to digitally color the black and white image and create beautiful creations for greeting cards etc.

What do I need to use the Full Color Digi Stamps?
You also use a computer and printer and use them the same way as the black & white digi stamps.  You can print the ready to go full color digi stamps, these are great if you’re in a hurry to make something or don’t want to be bothered coloring them.  You can also use the full color digi stamps as clipart since they are saved as high resolution 300 dpi PNG so they will also print out crisp and clear, can be resized, flipped (mirrored) etc.    


What are the advantages of using Digi Stamps?
The biggest advantage from my point of view is the digi stamps will never wear out like a physical stamp would from many uses.  The file is yours forever to use over and over and recolor the black & white or use the full color as many times and make a variety of different projects that you want to make.

Digi Stamps are perfect for printing and digital use.

Once you download the image file you can resize it, print it out, hand color it yourself (if using the black/white images) and put it on your project.  Or if you want to digitally color it you can open the digi stamp file in your favorite paint program and color it that way too.

Digi Stamps can be resized, reversed (mirrored), merged with other images before you print them out.  If you are an experienced computer user you can import the images directly onto a template like cupcake or candy wrappers, bag toppers, cards, etc., resize it and position it exactly where you want it to be.


How do I store my digi stamps after I purchase them?
Digi files require no physical storage (like keeping craft supplies in a craft or spare room). The only storage it uses is on your computer or a flash USB drive or removable CD. 

Always keep the original file in a separate folder, that way if you want to make something else and want to make changes like coloring, etc you can always start with the original and save your new version. 

I would recommend saving your digi stamp files on a flash USB drive or removable CD because computers crash and then all your files would be lost.  You are responsible for keeping your digi stamp files in a safe place, I am not responsible for replacing files due to computer failure or lost files.


What file type does the Digi Stamps come in?
All my digi stamps come in high resolution 300dpi PNG file formats.  For the digi stamp sets, there are more than one digi stamp, I will put each individual PNG image into one ZIP file.  Individual digi stamps that you purchase will just be one high resolution 300dpi PNG file.

PNG files have a transparent background and can be placed on any color background or merged with other digi stamp images.  I don’t make JPG files simply because they have a white background and not a transparent background.  I personally feel the PNG file can be used for any projects you make where the JPG can only be used on a white background since they have a white background.  I feel like why have two different file formats (JPG & PNG) when one PNG does the job of both.

Please familiarize yourself on how to use digital images to create your craft projects, which includes knowing how to open zip files and using the PNG image files.  I don’t provide instructions on how to work with them or any programs you may need or use, there are many tutorials on YouTube and found on the internet that would be helpful especially if you are a beginner.


Why do my sets come in Black and White and/or Full Color?
The black and white digi stamps can be printed and hand or digitally colored by you.  

The full color digi stamps are ready to use with no coloring needed from you.  These are especially useful if you don’t have time to color and want to make a quick project for a gift without spending time coloring it.  I call them quick ready to go images.  You can even use them for clipart since they are high resolution 300dpi PNG files.

I use CMYK Colors for ALL my full color digi stamps/clipart.  RBG colors are brighter, but those bright colors can’t be reproduced when printing because almost every printer in the world uses CMYK Colors (Cyna, Magenta, Yellow, Black).  RBG Colors (Red, Blue, Green) is for digital web viewing on your monitor, not for printing.


Can I resell the digi stamps sets or any individual digi stamp from a set?
No.  You may not resell any of my black & white or full color digi stamps.  You must put them in something you create and sell.  


Do you have a return policy for digi stamps?
I take great pride in my business but due to the nature of my digital products there are NO REFUNDS unless the downloadable file is defective or there is an error on my end.

You are responsible for keeping your digi stamp files in a safe place, I am not responsible for replacing files due to computer failure or lost files.


Please read the Digital Stamp Terms of Use/Angel Policy

If you have any questions please contact me