Make A Booklet Dehydrating


6″ x 4″ + Printable Make-A-Booklet Dehydrating



6″ x 4″ + Printable Make-A-Booklet Dehydrating

Great for keeping track of how to prepare, drying time etc. when dehydrating food.

You will get two 300 dpi JPG in PDF files and put in a ZIP file.   

Includes:  prints 2 per page
front & back covers
food dehydrating pages

The 6″ x 4″ is the actual size of the cards + there is a + colored left side area for punching holes with a binding machine to make a booklet, use a hole punch to place in a 6″ x 4″ binder or you can cut off the extra colored area.  

For best results print front & back on heavy cardstock paper, the food dehydrating pages can be printed on regular paper if desired.

Print as many as you want – you would only need to print 1 page of the front/back and you can print as many as you want of the food dehydrating pages.

You can add new pages anytime.

Everything will print out crisp and clear.
The watermark or drop shadows will not be on the files.

Price $2.50