Paper Doll Club Free Set


Paper Doll Club Free Set


Register for the FREE Paper Doll Club 2 Day Membership and have access to ALL 5 PDF files shown in the banner above.


The 5 PDF files include: 
1 barn backdrop (print on heavy cardstock paper and glue to heavier cardboard like a cereal box for sturdiness)
2 cows and 1 horse (print on heavy cardstock paper)
2 sheep, 1 pigs, 1 dog (print on heavy cardstock paper)
2 African American Boy & Girl & 2 White Boy & Girl (can be printed on regular paper)
2 Boy Clothes & Hat & 2 Girl Clothes & Hat (not holding anything) (can be printed on regular paper)

300dpi JPG saved in a PDF file for easy and perfect printing


You will have to register for FREE.  This will keep spammers, fakes and bots away.  

You will not have access to any of the hundreds of paper dolls or themed add ons that are in The Paper Doll Club unless you join as a paid member.


Here’s what you need to do:

Click on The Free Paper Doll Set 2 Day FREE Membership banner below to register.

Once you register and have access to the FREE Paper Doll Set (shown in banner above) you will have 2 days to download or print from your browser. 

Email activation is required to confirm your registration via email before you’re able to log into the Free Paper Doll Set.  This will ensure you’re using a valid email address.







The Paper Doll Club Terms Of Use applies to this free set.