Paper Doll Club Terms Of Use


Paper Doll Club Terms Of Use Rules



Join the Paper Doll Club and have unlimited access 24/7

By purchasing a Paper Doll Club Membership you are bound to the terms described below.

Failure to abide by this agreement of the Paper Doll Club will immediately void the membership and no refunds will be given.

NOTICE:  Paper Dolls in the Paper Doll Clubs are NOT included in the Commercial License! 

Membership Rules:
1).  Only the paper doll club paid member may login and print or save the PDF files. 

2).  You may NOT give your login username or password to anyone else.  

3).  You may NOT transfer, sell, share or give away any Paper Doll Club PDF files.  At this time there is no commercial use license available for the paper doll club.

4).  You can save and reprint any of the paper doll club PDF files, they will more than likely tear or wear out since they’re printed on paper.

5).  You may NOT claim them as your own, alter, add to or modify them in any way.


You should never assume it’s OK to use any of my products in a certain way, just because something is not listed doesn’t mean it’s OK to do.  If you are unsure of anything please contact me 

I reserve the right to make any changes on these Terms Of Use &/or Rules at an given time.

Due to the nature of the digital products NO REFUNDS will be given.