Cry Baby Doll Pattern


Cry Baby or Time Out Doll Illustrated Pattern



Cry Baby or Time Out Dolls are great for anywhere you want to place them.  They’re popular at car shows too.  Dress them however you want.  You can make themed ones too like a gardener, mechanic, sports, and whatever you can think of.

4 PDF’s in a ZIP file with step-by-step illustrated directions on how to make a cry baby doll with a dress, leotards, patent leather shoes, and a bonnet.  

These are my own directions, not copied from anyone or anywhere else. 

They have a wood body and legs and I use kids socks for the arms and a styrofoam ball for the head.

You can use any type of clothes like pants, overalls, any type of hat.  I went with this dressy doll for my illustrated directions, since it’s more complicated than just dressing a doll in pants/shirt/hat.
The directions are the same if you’re using pants, t-shirt, baseball hat etc., you would just skip a few steps.
I have made thousands of these doll both large and small.  You can make themed ones too.   A few ideas – you can put little toy frogs in the back pocket of bib overalls, or a small hankie etc., baseball/football (you can even use your child’s old baseball or football uniforms).  Or if you saved your child’s clothing from when they were a baby you can make a doll using those clothes.  There are just so many cute kids clothes that it’s easy to select a few and make some dolls.
Clothes sizes that will usually fit the smaller dolls are  9-12 months
Clothes sizes that will usually fit the larger dolls are 2T

Of course like adult clothes the sizes aren’t always accurate.


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