Printing Info


Printing Information

Each file prints on 8.5″ x 11″ regular or cardstock paper.
For best results print most of the printables on heavy cardstock paper. There are some printables that can be printed on regular paper if desired.  It’s really up to you on what paper you want to use, cardstock paper will last longer but isn’t really needed for some of the printable items, but that’s just my opinion, if they tear, which they probably will, you can just print it again.

All files are placed in a ZIP file.  This reduces storage use and reduces the size for emailing especially if you have a size limit in your email.

All files are high resolution 300 dpi:
The printables are all 300 dpi JPG’s put in a PDF and then put in a ZIP file.
The clipart/digi stamps are all 300 dpi PNG (transparent background) and then put in a ZIP file.

Everything will print out crisp and clear.
There are no watermarks or drop shadows on the files.

Keep in mind every monitor and printer is different so the exact colors you see on the monitor may not be the exact same when printed.

Almost every printer in the world uses CMYK Colors (Cyna, Magenta, Yellow, Black).  

I use CMYK Colors for ALL items on this website, therefore, the colors you see of my samples from your computer, tablet or phone should be close to the color that you will get when you print the item(s).

RBG (red, blue, green) colors are used for viewing on computers/phones/tablets and making digital products like page banners and anything web related, NOT for printing.


Below is the color differences between CMYK for printing and RBG for digital/web










When you purchase any file from this site it is yours forever. 

You may print as many copies as you want.