Life Is Better At The Races Bag Toppers


Life Is Better At The Races Bag Toppers



Life Is Better At The Races Bag Toppers are perfect for anyone who loves dirt track racing.  Fill a zippered bag with candy or treats. 

The craft poem on the bag toppers stay there, they may not be copied, used or given away, they are copyrighted.

6″ x 4″ (6×2 when folded)
Prints 2 per 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock paper

Just print, cut and fold each bag topper in half. Then fill a 6″ wide zippered bag with treats and then staple the zippered bag to the top of the bag topper.

For best results print on heavy cardstock paper
300 dpi JPG’s put in a PDF and then put in a ZIP file
Everything will print out crisp and clear
There are no watermarks on the files

Print as many as you want

Price $3.00



Can be customized to look like your race car. 

Customizations are $4.00 extra. DO NOT pay for a bag topper if you want a customized one, you can pay after you see a sample and are satisfied with it. NOTE: If your car has a wild wrap I might not be able to make it so please contact me first from the contact page on this site and then I’ll email you my personal email so you can send a picture to see if I can make it.

Below is samples of customizing


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