Digi Stamps And Clipart Terms Of Use


Digi Stamps & Clipart Terms Of Use


You should have knowledge on how to work and use PNG files in a design program.  There are many tutorial videos out there.

All clipart is designed and mouse drawn by me, Deb Rice, and I design them with attention to detail.

DIGI STAMPS & CLIPART PURCHASED ON THIS SITE ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  If you wish to sell any tangible or printable product that you make you need to purchase a Single But Paired Set Commercial Use License.

PERSONAL USE – is for crafters who enjoy making homemade or printable projects for your own use or give to family, friends, co-workers, etc. without making any profit from it.

COMMERCIAL USE – if you use any of my digi stamps or clipart images in any tangible or digital projects for profit.  This includes selling finished projects on the web, small Mom & Pop stores, crafts shows/fairs or anywhere you will be making a profit.  A Commercial Use License does NOT give you the permission to redistribute, resell or claim ownership to the digi stamp original PNG file.  This is strictly prohibited.


Things you CAN do with my digi stamps & clipart:

1.  You have unlimited use of the digi stamp &/or clipart.  Meaning you can use the same image on various craft projects, whether it be made into a tangible &/or printable digital item.  

2.  The digi stamps & clipart may be flipped (mirrored), resized, merged with any others (even if purchased from other websites).  It’s not recommended to flip any digi stamp or clipart image with words or numbers because they will be backwards.

3.  You must make something new that you create yourself.  

4.  You can recolor any part of the full color clipart but you cannot turn it into a black & white digi stamp.  An example….if you want a green shirt instead of a blue shirt it’s okay to recolor.  Please read #1 in the section of things you cannot do.

5.  You can use the digi stamp &/or clipart to make digitized embroidery files, cutting patterns, needlepoint, cross stitch patterns etc. 

6.  You can make digital printable products with my digi stamps &/or clipart.  For example – you can place it, along with other clipart images, on a bag topper, cupcake wrapper, cocoa envelope, etc. that you make and digitally print.

7.  You MUST give credit for my digi stamps &/or clipart image(s) that you use in your digital printable or tangible projects on your website, ETSY or wherever you sell.  Something like Artwork © LotsagraphicCreations.com is sufficient.  A link back to my website would be great too.


Things you CANNOT do with my clipart:

1.  You may NOT claim ownership, grant usage permissions or reassign copyrights to any new projects you create using any of LotsaGraphic Creations digi stamps or clipart images. Simply resizing, recoloring, adding a border or text, using digital manipulation using textures, filters etc. or saving the PNG file in a different format is NOT considered a new project.

2.  No mass producing.

3.  You may NOT transfer, share, sell, trade, lend, swap, sublicense, post on the internet, duplicate or give away any of the digi stamp or clipart original “AS IS” PNG file(s).  PERIOD!

4.  File sharing is strictly prohibited.

5.  You may NOT use any of my digi stamps or clipart for business logos or trademarks.

6.   You may NOT put any of my digi stamps or clipart in any FREE OR PAID set that you offer, subscriptions, clubs etc.

7.  You may NOT purchase any of my digi stamps or clipart PNG files and copy my sample image and description wording or rewording and place it anywhere to be resold.  PERIOD!! 

8.  You may NOT make any paper dolls or paper doll accessories with my clipart or digi stamps.



Anyone that is in violation of the aforementioned Digi Stamps & Clipart Terms Of Use will be considered copyright infringement and punishable by law.

You should never assume it’s OK to use any of my products in a certain way, just because something is not listed doesn’t mean it’s OK to do.  If you are unsure of anything please contact me 

I reserve the right to make any changes on these Digi Stamps & Clipart Terms Of Use at an given time.


I take great pride in my business but due to the nature of my digital products there are NO REFUNDS unless the downloadable file is defective or there is an error on my end.


Thank you and Happy Creating!!