Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use Rules & Regulations

Finished Printables Terms Of Use

When you purchase a digital printable file from LotsaGraphicCreations.com with that purchase comes a Single User License that gives you, and only you, permission to make and sell finished tangibles at Mom & Pop stores, Gift Shops or Craft Fairs.

An example of a finished tangible is bag toppers, you may purchase, print, assemble and make a complete bag topper with treats and sell them.

The printables can not be sold just as a printable in any digital format.

1).  Print or use as many as you want.


2. You may NOT transfer, share, trade, lend, swap, post on the internet, duplicate, sell or give away any PDF or ZIP files.

3.  All finished printable items on this website are copyrighted by Deb Rice/LotsaGraphicCreations.com, you may NOT claim them as your own, alter, add to, recolor or modify them in any way.  

4.  You may NOT copy any craft poems. I work hard making them so if you think you can just copy them and think no one will ever know….think again.  If you are found that is copyright infringement and you could be taken to court.

5.  The craft poem on the finished craft printable stays on there and cannot be copied or used elsewhere.  You may NOT steal that craft poem to put on your own items you make.


Clipart/Digi Stamps Terms Of Use

When you purchase clipart/digi stamps with that purchase is the license that gives you, and only you, permission to make and sell finished tangible or digital items that you create. 

All Clipart/Digi Stamps can be used commercially and sold at Mom & Pop stores, Gift Shops,
Craft Fairs and Online as long as they are made as a complete project. 

You have unlimited use of the digital stamp.  You can use the same digi stamp on various craft projects, whether it be in a tangible or digital item, but it must be used in something of your own design.  

Please give credit for any of my clipart/digi stamp image(s) that you use in your digital printable or tangible projects on your website, ETSY or wherever you sell. 
Something like – Artwork © LotsagraphicCreations.com is sufficient.


You may not claim the clipart/digital stamp image(s) as your own.

No mass producing.

You may not redistribute, transfer, share or lend any of the clipart/digital stamp files. File sharing is strictly prohibited.

You cannot resell any clipart/digital stamp, they must be put in something you create yourself to sell.



You should never assume it’s OK to use any of my products in a certain way, just because something is not listed doesn’t mean it’s OK to do.  If you are unsure of anything please contact me 

I reserve the right to make any changes on these Terms Of Use &/or Rules at an given time.


I take great pride in my business but due to the nature of my digital products there are NO REFUNDS unless the downloadable file is defective or there is an error on my end.