The Sweet BEARY Patch Paper Doll Bear Sets


The Sweet BEARY Patch Paper Doll Bear Sets



The menu for The Sweet BEARY Patch Paper Doll Bear Sets is on the right side of your screen on computers.  If you’re using a mobile device the menu is at the bottom, just scroll down.

These cute and adorable bear paper doll sets will provide hours of fun pretend play for the kids.  Great to play on a rainy or snowy day.

You can cut off the tabs on the clothing and also the stand on the bodies and glue the clothes onto the bodies and make handmade cards or other paper crafts.  

NOTE:  Some of the themed bear paper doll sets come as a family with parents and kids sizes.  All other sets will come with the regular sized bears (which is the parent size in the sets).  

The bear paper doll bodies will work with all the clothes and accessories for that particular size.  So unless the set will include kids sizes all clothes sets will be for the regular size bear bodies and will be listed as just bear clothing.  Some of the clothing will have an arm on one side and not on the other, this depends on what is in the hand.  Don’t worry when you put the clothing on the bear the arm from the bear body will be used.

Most of the clothing is made with the shoes, pants, shirts etc. connected together.  Whatever you see in the sample images is how it’s made.   This makes it so much easier for the smaller children not to lose a shoe or other loose pieces of clothing.  

All sets come with bear bodies.  That way you don’t have to go to different pages to purchase separate items.  Not all sets will have matching themed add ons &/or backdrops.

Print what you want from the sets, if you don’t want a particular item in a themed set just don’t print it, but at least you’ll have it in case you change your mind in the future.

There is themed bear paper dolls plus some stage sets with the bear actors, a stage and a bear family audience.  The audience bear paper dolls are backwards so they can watch the concert show on the stage.  You can place these anywhere you want to watch the show. 

The stage actors will go on the stage to perform.  You can use removable double sided tape or glue dots for these actors, they don’t have stands, so that means you can move them anywhere on the stage you want and change scenes.