Birds Bingo Game Set


Birds Bingo Game Set



14 PDF files in TWO ZIP files

Great for nursing homes, school, parties, kids games etc.  Print 2 sets of just the calling cards and you can use them for a memory game.

Each bingo game set comes with the following PDF files:
Bingo Cards – 20 different cards (10 pages that prints 2 on each page)
Calling Cards – 28 different calling cards (2 pages)
Calling Cards Storage Envelope
Player Markers + Storage Envelope (print 1 page for each player)

These sets can be for up to 20 people playing.  If you have a party with only 5 guests only print out 5 pages of the player markers + storage envelope and 5 pages of any of the bingo cards (they’re all different).

For best results print on heavy cardstock paper
Fourteen 300 dpi JPG put in a PDF and all PDF’s are placed in TWO ZIP files
Everything will print out crisp and clear
There are no watermarks on the files

Print as many as you want and can be used over and over

Price $5.00



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