Women Heads And Bodies 42 Pc Clipart Set


Women Heads & Bodies 42 Pc. Clipart Set



Create your own people the way YOU want to create them! 
Then you can either print for handmade crafts, cards, paper dolls etc. or use the completed person for digital crafts.  The possibilities are endless!!

Terms Of Use For the people clipart:  You may NOT make paper dolls to sell, you may NOT make different people with different heads and clothes and sell the finished person file.  This is strictly prohibited.    You can make up many different people and place them on anything printable or print it out to place on a handmade card etc. and then sell the finished product but not the file.  
Please read the Clipart & Digi Stamps Terms Of Use

Women when pieced together measures approx. 5 1/4” high (depending on hairstyle)

Bodies, heads and any hand-held accessories come in African American & White skin colors.  Women clothes are all interchangeable with women bodies. 

Anything can be resized, if you see an item in clothing or accessories etc. you can resize it to fit.
NOTE: If you want to resize, it’s best to complete the person the way you want to create it and then resize the entire person. 

All are individual 300 dpi PNG files (transparent backgrounds).

Merge, resize, flip, etc. with other images you want to create for your project.  

Great for making homemade tangible and/or digitally printable cards, paper dolls &/or crafts.  The possibilities are endless!!

Clothes sets are sold separately, there is a large variety of themed & regular clothing and accessories.

What you see in the samples is what you will get in the set.  All PNG files are in ONE Zip.

There are no watermarks on the files.

You should have knowledge on how to work and use PNG files in a design program.  There are many tutorial videos out there.


You’ll have so much control over how your final people project that you created turns out!



Below are close up samples of the women heads
These free reference charts are included in the zip